AboutBasically, FX-List is a detailed Forex Brokers list based on minimalistic and user-friendly concepts. Even though most brokerage companies have the same one purpose in the core, there are still many differences between them. That's why we have segregated basic features in several filters and placed brokers in separate folders. The menu on the left (at the main page) will help you narrow down the search and single out foreign exchange companies with necessary products and services.

Honestly speaking, there’s not much to add. If you had a positive trading experience with any Forex Broker presented on this website – please leave a review about one. If you had a bad experience – please leave a review too. If you know any good Forex Broker and it’s not listed here – please inform us about it. If you have any questions at all – feel free to ask. You can either send us an email or fill-in the inquiry form at the Contacts page. Any notes or comments that could help improve our site and content are highly appreciated.

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May the force be with you. May the ‘Happy Trading’ pattern not hit you.

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