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Ads and Promo

As you may have noticed, FX-List doesn't have any fixed banner advertising.

However, if you're a Forex or Crypto broker, we can offer you an option to publish (for free) own articles in our Blog section.

Here's an example - 10 golden rules for trading in the Forex market - the article was published by AMarkets.

Terms and conditions

– One permanent banner promoting your brokerage company will be placed halfway through the article.

– If the article is good, we'll make sure to juice it up with SEO to gain a better position in Google.

– The article should be unique and plagiarism free.

– No external links are allowed in the article, except those that lead to your broker review page on FX-List (example).

* We’ll add you to our list if you don't yet have a broker review page on

If you've got interested in this opportunity, please send an inquiry to